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Will you be my new family?

Posted on Friday 07/23

Each week on Saturday, we'll highlight a new doggo that's looking for their furever home.  Interested in a meet and greet?  Contact the rescue group noted below.

As a little bonus, if you adopt a pup featured on our site, we'll send you a free pup parent kit full of goodies (check here for a sample of what you can expect).

Simply post the pic of your pup on Facebook, tag us (@furrytoebeans), and email us at to let us know about the adoption event. 

Meet Mangar, adult male dog available for adoption in Sultan, WA
Name: Magnar
Age:      3 y
Gender:    Male
Location:   Sultan, WA
Rescue: Pasado's Safe Haven
Phone: (360) 793-9393


Magnar likes to play ball some and he likes food a lot -- but he loves your attention the most. He still looks a bit rough and tumble like a dog who was kept in a yard ('cause he was), but he acts like everyone's best friend. Magnar is goofy, cute and pretty easy-going for a big dog! He's very excited to check stuff out--that over there, and that smell, and hey, you again. He will sit for treats and cozies up to a good butt scritch. Magnar weighs about 77 pounds.

When asked what his ideal home looks like, his Caregiver said:
"He'd like the run of a yard and a house. He does well meeting new people so he'd do well with social people who like to have friends/family over. I can see him loving a backyard BBQ with people playing with him and his toys."

Magnar is still learning his size and how to control his excitement. He would do best in a home without small children, cats, or other small animals. He has shown some predatory behavior towards them.