How to Select a Safe Dog Rope Toy

June 20, 2021 3 min read

Medium-sized dog biting dog rope toy by EarthCare®

Always remember that your fur baby trusts and relies on your sound judgment to make purchase decisions on his/her behalf. Here are a few considerations to help you make the best decisions for them.

Do you know where your dog’s current rope toy comes from, or what it’s made of? Those “indestructible” ropes contain synthetic fiber (i.e. plastic) to make them stronger. If you’re looking for an indestructible dog rope toy, then the EarthCare® Bio-Rope may not be the right dog rope toy for your pup. Our dog rope toys are safer for your pup and better for the environment.

Are Plastic Dog Toys Safe?

There is plenty of evidence of harm to animals from exposure to chemicals in everyday household objects. In fact, dogs share the same home environment we do but are at even greater exposure to some chemicals because they tend to explore their environment with their mouths and spend more time in close contact with household textiles and dusty or dirty floors.

You should exercise caution when buying dog toys that contain plastic and textile materials. Most dog rope toys usually contain toxic chemicals that in one way or another will manage to make it into your pup’s digestive system with long term negative and irreversible health consequences.

According to poisoned "more than 80% of all toys are made in China. In the past decade, toys made in China, which produces two-thirds of all the toys in the world, have repeatedly been shown to be toxic. Many are potential killers. One-third of toys tested in China contain heavy metals at levels of concern, with one in 10 containing excessive levels of lead, according to new research.

The top five lead-contaminated products contained truly shocking levels ranging from 12,467-120,960 ppm; products far above the new lead standard allowed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for children’s toys — 100 parts per million (PPM). A wide range of toys and children’s products, including those sold by reputable brands, contained either lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, antimony or chromium. tested over 400 dog and cat products, including chew toys, stuffed toys, tennis balls, collars, leashes, and beds. More than 90% of the pet products tested were made in China. Since there are no government standards for hazardous chemicals in pet products, it is not surprising that there were alarming levels of toxic chemicals found."

Your children are also at risk when your pet toys contain toxic chemicals. "The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned that there is no safe threshold for lead exposure and that children, if possible, should never be in contact with it. Decades of research has shown that ingestion of lead, even at extremely low levels, can cause severe developmental delays in children, especially those under the age of six, as well as myriad other health problems." (Source:

What Happens if My Dog Eats a Plastic Toy?

According to the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, many of the plastic and rubbery toys and fetching batons that our dogs chew on and play with every day, contain dangerous chemicals that may be harmful to their health.

Some of these toxic materials include PVC, phthalates, chlorine, BPA, lead, chromium (dangerous in high levels), formaldehyde, cadmium, and bromine amongst others. These toys will usually claim to be made of 100% cotton; the question is what else is in them?

PVC has been called the 'poison plastic' because so many of its ingredients are known to leach out throughout its life cycle. The ingredients used to soften PVC can also be harmful to your pet, especially when chewed up, licked, nosed, and inhaled.

Fret No More.

If on the contrary what you are looking for is a 100% safe dog rope toy that will neither last forever nor cause any harm to your pup, then our EarthCare® 100% Bio Based Bio-Rope may be a good option for your pup.

Pick the size that's best for your pup: The 2 Knotter, the 3 Knotter, or the 4 Knotter.

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